Welcome to hell. Entry fee: 23 pens.

The information in this page varies in reliability. Do not rely on the information here for survival within The Archives.

The Entities

The Gleeglibgon

The Gleeglibgon refer to the Oranges and Apples that haunt the paths of The Archival Depths. Do not bring attention to a Gleeglibgon, it will scrongle you.

The Enemies

Enemies. They are Legion for they are Many. They will scrongle or even binging you upon sighting, they can be calmed when wearing the Ababababbagaiogingingingboing.

Zone Walkers

Lost members of the Gleeglibgon, The Enemies and Fellows who roam The Zone. Their minds obliterated by the residual KlongKlingKlang.


Humans and others who have arrived and have retained the majority of their sanity. Fellows are split into many different groups across The Archives, The Area and The Location. All known groups of Fellows: Followers of Gary.; the Passengers; the Dudebros; the Wheelers; the m8s; The Servants of Pvanius Biggle Nutter XVII; the Apostles of Lord Bingus; the Pursiviants of Deez Nuts (4 teenagers in a dumpster)


Literally just British people who didn't want to be Fellows.


Hahaha, Gary.


Gary.'s evil brother.

The Absent Men

They haunt The Stairs. Perhaps you'll free one, but only at a great loss.

Lord Bingus

The Bingus Boy. He is the rascal of all binguses.

Soggy Bobby

You should FEAR soggy bobby.

Waggy Woggy

We must omit all information about Him. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Places

The Subchives

A smaller and somewhat safer version of the Archives, inhabited by Gary.

The Area

Adjunct-1984:BANANA:LEMON:103294, also known as The Area is a swag place where the hip dudes reside. It isn’t safe from Gary. though.



The Zone

Make them stop. Make the voices stop, please. I don’t want to hear their thoughts. The horror, the pain, the fear.

The Archival Depths

Everywhere from wowoenat to level 139010589038597235:PUSSY:24, or from peengajn to level 1:AGAR:1.

Level 1:AGAR:1

The Arrival.

The Location

The Location is the Location. It is safe from Gary.

The Stairs

An endless set of stairs, you may even see a Man Who’s Not There, or perhaps it's you.




Garymania! is the home of Gary. It is like a theme park, except the rides turn you into A Follower of Gary.


Home of God Emperor Pvanius Biggle Nutter XVII and his Servants.


Capital of Bingustown and its Tent Colonies, home of Lord Bingus and the Apostles of Lord Bingus.

Alroight m8

The Base of the m8s. Got some stuff here, footie shirts and stuff.

The Garage

Home of the Wheelers.

The Stuff


Being scrongled is a horrific thingy, muchas owie.


Binging is even worse than scrongling, do not wish this upon anyone.

Kettle Prime

The Main Device of the Chumps. Makes Tea.


The Ababababbagaiogingingingboing, obtainable at A, this pacifies The Enemies.


The KlongKlingKlang, or The Unknown, is a thingy in The Zone, prolonged exposure turns you into a Zone Walker.


Gogness is the real thing m8. It was made by the m8s to contain Lord Bingus.


Base of Gogness, very cool, very yummy.


So cool.


Calling someone this will make them explode so don't do it

Awaiting further information.